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Six layers of satin - should be 93% (ish) protection

1. Take a single piece of 85cm x 33cm satin. No cotton needed. 2. fold it in half, sew it minimally to make that feel like a double thick 42.4cm x 33cm piece. 3. fold again to make six-thick 21x 33cm.  4. sew back and forth to make 15mm rows. 5. do the bulk of the operations on it - nose wire, stencil etc, sew, snip, edges.  6. Skip the stiffeners and retainers steps. Verdict - breathable enough for a high filtration mask. This was 15 mins sewing time (no including making lengths of strap from sheets too). Reminder on design features:  1. washable/dryable 2. high filtration (good self-protection as well as protection for others) 3. breathable Turns out that six months of work designing and sewing in "stiffeners" to boost breathability of varieties incorporating high-thread count (400+) cotton wasn't needed: satin on its own will do it if six layers thick AND you stitch the layers togethers to make some minimal stiffness. Here&

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