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New retainer material for 750 thread count mask

  Context:  These masks are for places with access to sewing equipment and hight thread count cotton .. and no access or budget for N95, FFP2, FK94 etc (with a one-per-day requirement) . .. say the developing world. New retainer for the existing750 TPI mask design (rag mask max) In the local pound store (dollar store) I found a mesh  that's used to strain chips (UK) french fries (US).  £1 ... perfect after some scissor work. It holds a shape perfectly inside the mask.  I'm not yet sure what it is made of  - I hope not PVC (off gassing) Reminder: without the retainer this mask is a decent  suffocation device. The retainer forces a 3D effect  and creates a decent surface area to pull air through  with that collapsing onto your nostrils and lips. Feb 23rd update I've put it on and taken it off a few times from shopping trips.  The retainer is beginning to weaken along the central vertical  section.  Luckily I have some copper wire left over from some  retainer experiments a ye

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