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Machine washing masks - experience report

Alternate retainer shapes

Experimenting with retainers - that force mask cupping for increased breathability

Comparing masks: 1 layer of duchess satin vs 6 layers of satin from bedding with a cotton outer

Single layer of duchesse satin - not breathable

Me in 7 layer mask after 10 mins brisk walk to supermarket

Mask 5 & 6 with straps now

Video talking through the last six masks I've made and comparing them

Five iterations to my modifications to Ragmask

Four layers of thinner satin - modified Ragmask

Better straps (from cotton cloth)

Revised Ragmask template I'm using

Longer simpler retainer

Another Ragmask variant - same design, simpler construction

Blanket stitch for the cut edges of ragmask

Simple mask straps made from cotton sheets

Not all satin is the same

New Retainer template - traced and snapped

Latest template change versus RagMask 2.2

Larger satin-lined RagMask with retainer