Twelve layers of chiffon: RagMask Max (beast edition)

Construction isn't easy - 12 layers of chiffon doesn't want to stay where it is, so I've sewn it into a pad after folding and before bringing into the cotton outer (with nose wire) to sew together. You can see on the far right the line sewn on the chiffon only:

Edge view after cutting and before zigzag stitch to stop that fraying. That's 12 layers of chiffon and two of the 400-thread cotton:

Finished mask:

Straps don't match they're from a poly-cotton 180-thread sheet.

Close up of the outside of the retainer stitches - zigzag, button, zigzag and another button stitch - we want this thing to survive a washing machine!

Experience report of this 13 layer mask

It's breathable. It was before the retainer was put in, but the fabric would touch your nostrils/lips on each breath in. So the retainer is still needed even for a floaty fabric like chiffon.

After one hour of use, culminating in walking up a steep hill - a video experience report:


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