New retainer material for 750 thread count mask


These masks are for places with access to sewing equipment
and hight thread count cotton .. and no access or budget for
N95, FFP2, FK94 etc (with a one-per-day requirement) .
.. say the developing world.

New retainer for the existing750 TPI mask design (rag mask max)

In the local pound store (dollar store) I found a mesh 
that's used to strain chips (UK) french fries (US). 

£1 ... perfect after some scissor work.

It holds a shape perfectly inside the mask. 
I'm not yet sure what it is made of 
- I hope not PVC (off gassing)

Reminder: without the retainer this mask is a decent 
suffocation device. The retainer forces a 3D effect 
and creates a decent surface area to pull air through 
with that collapsing onto your nostrils and lips.

Feb 23rd update

I've put it on and taken it off a few times from shopping trips. 
The retainer is beginning to weaken along the central vertical 
section.  Luckily I have some copper wire left over from some 
retainer experiments a year ago:

This really improves the 3D shape of the mask. Regardless of 
the longevity and suitability of the plastic retainer, this is 
the max breathability I'm ever going to be able to make with 
the RagMask Max design and and 750 TPI cotton fabric


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