NWPP version of RagMask Max - a very quick sew

Smart-fab spunbond NWPP sheets from Amazon.
That's a 42 gsm material.

Four layers of that (one sheet folded twice before being sewn) is 168 gsm.
There's one layer of 180 TPI polycotton in the front.  

Yes, the NWPP is on the inside. In my quick test that's not an irritant.

This is is as easy to breath through as my 4D-FLEXISPORT that I'm still using eight months later.

This also took half the time to make versus any previous RagMask Max construction.

I think I could make one with twice or three times the layers as this one, just as quickly.

Wasted fabric per mask - off-cut:

Wash and drying 

I chucked it in with some sheets on a 60 °C (140 °F) cycle 
and dryer and it was fine. The mask is as it was before the wash.