Eight layers of NWPP in a 10 minute mask

About 10mins to make - 8 layers of NWPP 

 That's 336 gsm of NWPP (my measurement) or 304 gsm (manufacturers spec)

The Manufacturer said this fabric was 38 gsm per sheet, an I've put in 8 layers so that 304 gsm for all together. I weighed ten sheets on a kitchen scale, took the size measurement of a sheet then calculated that each sheet was 42 gsm. That's just the shipment I got - others with the same fabric might find it closer to the manufacturers spec.

This is a magical washable fabric for filtration. Probably best not to iron it to 
make it flat though - or the cotton layers it may have been sewn to.

The pattern is the RagMask with modifications. I used to call mine RagMask Max but many of the modifications I made previously I've just dropped. Now I have something that's closer to the original just a different order of events.

Filtration calculations


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