Building the 'Fabric CT' mask

[3D Design is based on Craig Turner's no-sew one that I've previously blogged on]

Cotton outer with two layers of satin for the sewn-in filter and a plastic retainer to force cupping that enhances breathability. Hand or machine washable.


Six minutes of video talking through the construction.

Part 1 - most of the sewing:

Part 2 - finishing the 3 layer mask

 If you change the two layers of satin for four (or six) to get better filtering, then part 1 would be the same.

For finishing the five layer (four layers satin) mask, you'll definitely need a plastic retainer to be sewn in to increase breathability. Same for the six layer mask. Without that, the fabric pulls onto your nostrils/lips with each breath you take in. That means the surface area of fabric through which breath is drawn, is smaller momentarily making you feed that it is harder to draw a breath. See the retainer sewn in here:

Part 2b - finishing the 5 or 7 layer mask

The template


1. I've switched to folding over the fabric to form the tunnel the other way now - under/inside the mask. 

2. I also make the plastic retainer inside the fabric of the mask now. It doesn't quite do it's job as well, but is more aesthetically pleasing which matters to a lot of people. It is now two short plastic lengths. Those two are now stiffeners not a single retainer. See new stiffener design blog entry.

3. I've also adjusted the length of elastic for each ear to 25cm. People can always shorten the elastic by tying additional knots.


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